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The Handy Dinosaur Answer Book Second Eadition English

Posted by kavi Monday, September 27, 2010

  Visible Ink Press | 2010 | 336 pages | PDF | 12MB
Featuring more than 600 questions about dinosaurs—such as What dinosaurs are thought to have evolved into birds? Did dinosaurs travel in herds? and Where and what is the Dinosaur Freeway?—this fun-filled fact-book provides a wealth of information on the lives and habits of these astonishing creatures.

From the Tyrannosaurus rex to the Stegosaurus, the guide profiles numerous species, chronicling their time on earth and exploring their roles in archaeological expeditions and museums today. Delightful and intriguing, this comprehensive record includes the debates still surrounding the origins and fate of these creatures that dominated the earth for millions of years but seemed to disappear in the blink of an eye


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